Guide to Amazon BestSeller List Toolkit:

Want to publish your book and become a bestseller yourself? Step by step instructions on how to get it done.

A step by step “Do It Yourself” manual to writing and publishing your manuscript. It includes 4 modules that will teach you the best practices of writing, marketing strategies, the publishing process and techniques to become a bestseller and lots more!


Whether you’ve been writing all of your life, never written more than a couple of pages, or just need a book to position you as an expert, we can help!Do you want to learn everything you need to know about writing and publishing your book? The Let’s Get Published! program is EXACTLY what you need!

    • This course is 8 weeks of intensive group coaching that focuses on writing and publishing your book using our proven P.R.E.P. system. Specific tools, strategies, and techniques are taught to help you finish writing your book. In addition, through LIVE presentations, you’ll learn about clarifying your writing voice, creating an outline, tips and tricks to deal with writer’s block, creating Ebooks, choosing your book cover design, printing copies of your book, obtaining your ISBN, current copyright laws, the steps to market and distribute your book, and the best way to make money from your book! As a bonus, you will also learn the tips about how to become an Amazon Bestseller.
  • Enrollment is currently open!
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“Just Publish Me!”

Looking for someone to prepare and publish your book?

This individualized program will publish completed manuscripts for writers. The JTP team will move the “manuscript to the shelf.” It is perfect for the writer who has a completed manuscript and needs a publisher. JTP will take care of all of the required steps to publish the manuscript for you and make it available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. The author must have interior files (manuscript) that can be downloaded by JTP. This service includes the book cover design, formatting, ISBN, copyright upload, and other publication and promotional fees. If manuscript editing or illustrations are needed, additional fees apply.

 Starts at $1497

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“Let’s Get It Done!”
Writing and Publishing System

Looking for someone to help you with everything you need to write and publish your book?

  • This exclusive VIP coaching program is designed for writers who are interested in writing and self- publishing their books but need additional individual assistance and support for writing, publishing and marketing their product.
    • 8-12  sixty-minute coaching sessions with JTP team member ($3600 value)
    • VIP membership to “The Author Academy” group coaching programs and materials ($997 value)
    • Consultation with Legal Consultant ($497 value)
    • Manuscript Evaluation and Revisions ($797 and up value)
    • 2 Rounds of Basic Editing ($500 and up value)
    • Book formatting, upload, and positioning.
    • Book Cover and Design
    • ISBN
    • Barcode
    • Copyright
    • Promotional materials (i.e. marketing flyer )
    • Individualized Strategic Map for Publishing($225 value)
    • Individualized Strategic Map for Marketing ($225 value)
    • JTP Publishing Templates for Writing and Publishing ($475 value)
    • Membership to JTP Online Support Networking group (when available)
    • Social Media set-up with Marketing Training and Techniques ($997 value)
    • Assistance with Amazon and affiliates setup for publishing ($997 value)
    • Access to JTP Publishing Resources (i.e. Book Cover Designers, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, etc.)
    • FREE publicity of the completed book on JTP social media network sites

Starts at $3797

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Ghostwriting Services Program

If you want someone to write your book for you then this program is for you!

This individualized, exclusive program is designed for those who have dreamed of writing a book but because of a myriad of reasons, they have been unable to do so. In this program, a JTP team member works directly with the writer over a 3-4 month time frame to write the book. The book is written in four phases where the client describes the desired content with the JTP team member, collaborates about the content, and then the team member writes the book for the client. The client is listed as the author and owns the completed manuscript but JTP can assist with the final publication process. Please schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

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Dr. Adair is an amazing publisher. She takes the time to understand the needs of the writer, is trustworthy and gets the job done. Dr. Adair’s Bestseller campaign helped me to become a #1 Amazon bestseller with my first book and is currently publishing my second book. I highly recommend her services.
Tamiko Lowry-Pugh, Founder & Executive Director of The Still Standing Foundation
Dr. Adair is an outstanding market and publicity generator. She implements several strategies to cover the entire Digital landscape to promote and sell one’s book. Those strategies lead to guaranteed bestseller status, increased prominence and recognition, and therefore more business. I highly recommend her work!
Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell, Attorney & Publisher of BOLD Magazine

The Johnson Tribe Publishing House, LLC (JTP) is a full-service agency that empowers, engages, inspires, motivates, promotes and teaches authors the skills of writing and publishing. Through various programs, the JTP team publishes books from various genres with a specialization in non-fiction books. Using a variety of strategies and techniques the JTP team propels “writers” into “authors” and in many cases, “Bestselling” authors.

Several programs and services are offered that provide writers the assistance they need to become the authors they have always dreamed of becoming. Each program is uniquely designed for each writer after the needs have been determined.

Let the Johnson Tribe Publishing House, LLC help you to do fulfill your dream of writing and publishing your book! Schedule your FREE consultation NOW!

Please contact us at or 888-400- 7302 to schedule your FREE consultation NOW!

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