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February 24, 2020

Here’s What I Know:

So look…
Stop falling for the bullsh**.
Stop accepting the bullsh**.
You are worth so much more than that.
So stop accepting it.
Start trusting and believing that you own the power of change.
And start to change it.
Change how you think first.
So you can change how you behave after.
Don’t let those folks convince you otherwise either.
They will continue to get on your last nerve.
So you can’t let that stop you.
We’re all sick and tired.
Of being sick and tired.
But that doesn’t mean that the bullsh** is gonna stop.
So that’s why we gotta keep pushing.
Keep trusting our own vision.
And keep dreaming in color.
So that means being careful about the bullsh** that we’re surrounded by.
We need folks who can be assets and not liabilities in our lives.
People who are tentacles of our dreams because they are not competing with our dreams…
They are helping us to complete those dreams.
Switch out those folks in your lives that you can.
Be intentional about who comes into your space.
Stay convicted to persevere in your passion for pursuing your purpose.
And be an instigator of your own dreams.
But first, you gotta stop fallin’ for the bullsh**.
You’re worth more than that…
Drink the Kool-Aid of positivity, productivity, and a promise.
And become drunk with the desire to dance with your dream.
Moving and swaying to the sounds and beats of your own drums – and when you are not moving? You’re flying because the music and the clouds belongs to you.
That’s what I’m talkin’ about.
I want you to own your own sh**.
But stop accepting other people’s bullsh**.
Give yourself permission to try it in a different way.
And see what a change it’ll make in your life.
You got this.
You are already equipped and empowered with everything you need.

Lesson: Stop accepting the bullsh**.

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