While working in public education as a school counselor for 27 years, I also lived with Lupus the entire time.

It was sooooo hard being sick while trying to be successful. On many occasions, I felt alone and, in some instances, guilty because I was sick.

I felt as though I was “wrong” because I went to bed feeling just fine, but I could barely move the following day, and I had no explanation for my lethargy.

Folks didn’t understand, and folks didn’t get it.
And, there were quite a few who just thought that I was “faking it.”

There were days when it was just so horrible to be in the workplace.

It was also hurtful because I’d hear “Oh my God!” when people discovered that someone had cancer. Still, Lupus whenever was mentioned; it was often dismissed because I didn’t “look like I was sick.”

Yes, I know that many reactions emerged from a vacuum of ignorance, but you feel the doubt folks have about your illness when you live with Lupus.

For the past nine years or so, folks have no idea what happens when I check into the hospital to receive my chemo treatment.
People don’t know.
Or choose to know.

I live an enriched and fulfilled life despite Living with Lupus. 
It has never derailed any of my dreams or delayed my destiny.
But I have learned how to travel along a wellness journey that significantly helps me.
I’m introducing you to products that can significantly change your life. The supplements can increase muscle flexibility, address cognitive health, provide cardiovascular health boosts, lubricate joints, and stimulate my collagen's natural production.

Since I began this wellness journey, I feel like my body has a “new life,” and I wanted to introduce them to you and share my wellness journey as I live with Lupus. 

The Wellness House will focus on sharing information and products that will enhance your quality of life and improve your mental, physical, and emotional health.



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Dr. Adair F. White-Johnson (affectionately known as “Dr. Adair”) is a leading authority on motivating, inspiring and empowering individuals to move towards positive change, become resilient and to bounce back after hitting rock bottom. She specializes in helping women and teens build their confidence levels to become equipped and empowered to pursue their passion, to persevere in their purpose and to “Get Over It!”

She is a popular, dynamic, powerful and entertaining motivational speaker, and Dr. Adair has internationally delivered successful presentations in countries such as India, Canada, and The Bahamas.

Also, Dr. Adair created The Johnson Tribe Publishing House (JTP), a full-service publishing agency that empowers, engages, inspires, motivates, promotes and teaches authors the skills of writing and publishing their books.

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