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June 3, 2020

This is a crazy time — almost surreal in some ways.

Between the impact of the pandemic, and the civil protests throughout the world, many of us are struggling.

Struggling to understand. To know. To make sense of it. To grasp it all. And to figure it all out.

And, it’s hard.

Our emotions are saturating the internal cavities of our bodies.

And we feel the swell of tears in our throats that won’t allow us to swallow our pain.

So we forge ahead and hold back our tears of hurt, anger, fear, confusion, doubt.

And refuse to cry.

But you know what?

It’s okay.

Let it out.
Release it.

Give yourself permission to release the burden, the weight, the density, and the gravity of the tears you’re holding back.

Claim the freedom of the flow of the streams on your cheeks.

And still know that it’s okay.

It’s okay because…

He sees us.
He hears us.
He understands us.
He feels us.
He knows us.

All that you are going through is not in vain.

And you are not alone.

Even when it feels as though you can’t take anymore.
Even when your heart is broken.
Your spirit shattered.
And the struggle feels “extra real.”

He gets it.

And He’s still with you through it all.

Keep hangin’ in there.
Keep trusting and believing.
Keep walking by Faith.

Because He’s got you.

He believes in you.

And He sees your silent tears.

The best really is yet to come.

So don’t give up.
Definitely don’t give in.

And remember,
Jesus wept.
(John 11:35)

Lesson: Even the strongest shed tears. You are never alone. God is always with you– He hasn’t forgotten about you and you will get through whatever is troubling your spirit.


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