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October 25, 2018

Sometimes when things hurt really bad we just want it to stop.

So we do whatever we can to make the pain go away.

We try to move in the opposite direction.
Far away.
But that doesn’t always work.

We try to “talk” the hurt away.
But that doesn’t help either.

And sometimes we add things and other people to our lives in hopes that they will make our pain go away too.

But you know what?

That doesn’t work either.

Sometimes we just need to endure the pain for a while to allow ourselves to heal.

Give ourselves permission to push through the pain.

And allow ourselves to process what’s happening in our lives.

Hurt and change aren’t easy.

And getting over it ain’t either.

But remember to consistently trust and believe.
And always trust the process.

New people, things and situations won’t make it go away .
And you can’t “fake” the pain away either.

Wounds of the body need time to heal.
But eventually they do.
Wounds of the heart need time to heal too.
But eventually they do too.

Just know that “time” is often the surgery that wounds need to heal and jumping into other situations with other people and new things is just a big Band-Aid.

And last time I checked, you can’t put a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound and expect it to heal.

I understand.
I get it.

We just want the excruciating pain we feel, but can’t see, to go away.
We want to move forward in our lives.
We want clarity about what’s next.
And we just want to be happy again.

Give it some time.
Give it a lil’ prayer.
And allow yourself to heal.

It will happen, it will happen.

Lesson: Sometimes we move too quickly when we are hurt and put ourselves in situations where we make more mistakes. When we do this, our need for immediate gratification may stifle our greater need for the solace of the heart. And the cycle of pain may begin all over again.  Take the time to heal before starting something new. Take the time.  Take the time.  Take the time.

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