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June 21, 2017

Sometimes God places a door in front of you without instructions.
You don’t know if you should “push or pull” the handle to walk through or if you should just stay on the other side.
Sometimes the door is made of glass so you can actually see what may happen on the other side.
But you’re still afraid to go through.
And sometimes it’s a hollow, wooden door that appears stronger than it really is but you know that it’s empty on the inside and you can just push your way through.
But then you notice that sometimes there is a steel door in front of you, and no matter how much you push and pull, you just can’t make your way in.
So you stare at it for long periods of time trying to figure out what to do next.
These doors are like people and opportunities in our lives.
Some we can see right through.
Some we know are just empty shells.
And others we may spend a lifetime trying to figure out.
But you know what?
If God put the door in front of you, then it belongs to you.
You cannot allow Fear, Confusion, and Doubt to stagnate your next move.
You cannot let your fear be stronger than your Faith.
Or confusion to cloud your clarity.
And don’t let doubt derail your destiny.
You see, this door in front of you was meant to be opened and closed.
It was placed before you so that you may continue to travel along the path that God has created just for you.
To follow the steps that he ordered.
And if this means shattering the glass, sledgehammering through the wood or drilling through the steel, this is your task.
You see, you are already equipped and empowered to deal with any door that stands before you.
You need to stand in your truth, embrace who you really are and then trust and believe that you are going to be okay on the other side of the door.
God doesn’t set you up for failure.
Your mindset does that.
He doesn’t let you walk alone because he is right there beside you.
But you just have to do the work and become that believer emerging from the trenches of fear, confusion, and doubt.
Know that having Faith and understanding are two different things.
You don’t have to understand why God chose door he placed in front of you.
But you will need your Faith to help you deal with life on the other side.
There will be a lifetime of doors placed before you that will come in forms of obstacles, blessings, people, and things.
But it is your choice to decide if you are “push or pull” to get to the other side to live the life that God has promised you.
Don’t borrow worries, caress your courage, and you’ll know that “evry lil’ ting is gonna be alright.”


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