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May 3, 2016

Every possible Sunday that I can, I go to church to receive the Word of God. For whatever the reason it makes me feel better, stronger, wiser and more “ready” to face the world.  This past Sunday was no different and the message I received resonated with my heart and soul, touched my core and really reached out to me exactly where I am today.

My Pastor reminded me to allow “Peace Be Still” in my life and that I should not allow worries to “disturb my peace.”  He acknowledged that achieving daily “peace” can be a challenging feat but reassured me that if I really leaned on my triple shields of Grace, Faith, and Mercy, then I would not have to “stand on the battlefield” in combat with negativity daily.  Recognizing, trusting and believing in God’s Word will allow me to find the tranquility of my mind and the simplicity of my Spirit.


Powerful stuff.

And yet, so very true.

You see, I already know that sometimes I bring my own drama to my peace, and I give in to the passion of anger, hurt and pain.

I get in my own way.

I need to stop blocking any blessings and allow myself to receive what is already mine.

Because what is for me, is for me.

And what is for you, is for you.

I already know that we spend an inordinate amount of time contemplating the good in our lives.

Questioning the peace.

We struggle for significance and never really allow ourselves to simply believe that greatness belongs to us.

Instead, we allow the fear, confusion and doubt to steer our emotional and psychological vessels into troubled waters.

We don’t allow ourselves to sail along with God’s navigation where we can float on positivity, prosperity and potential.

We just get in our own way.

Disturb our own peace.

And do not prepare ourselves for our purpose and become a trajectory toward triumph.

You see, if we keep holding up STOP signs along our own paths then how do we follow the steps that God has ordered for us?

If we keep planting more seeds of doubt, then how do we see that our Faith is stronger than our fear?

And if we keep things that do not allow us to become those foot soldiers emerging from the trenches, then how will we know that we are actually God’s warriors of his Word?

How can we allow “Peace Be Still?”


We’ve got to get better.

We’ve got to move out of our own way and simply trust and believe in the plans that God has in store for us.

It may be scary.

It may be challenging.

It may be confusing.

And may even be lonely.

But knowing that we are on the road that was created just for us should equip and empower us to “get our minds right.”

Knowing that the road we are on may be the path that is less traveled but it doesn’t matter because we know that God is leading the way.

That’s how we find peace.

That’s how we discover our strengths and reduce any weaknesses.

We can follow our dreams with passion and purpose when we know that God is on our side.

And we can work harder without a doubt when we know that we have a “piece” of mind.

We just need to get out of own way and let God do his thing.

Just Trust and Believe.

Understand that “Peace Be Still,” and then “Let Go and Let God.”

Lesson:  Sometimes life is just hard, and we have difficult choices and decisions to make.  We get caught up in the fear, confusion and doubt, and we don’t allow ourselves just to be still and feel the moment so we miss the “peace” that we can actually have.  We try to figure it all out ourselves, and we question the answers that God has placed before us because it may not be the answer we like or want. But we have to stop that.  We have to trust and believe that everything will be alright if we just follow along the path that God has carved out just for us.  This journey will give us the Peace we need in our lives if we allow ourselves to learn.  If we allow ourselves to accept.  And if we allow ourselves to believe. Just start by getting out of your own way.


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