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January 26, 2016

Sometimes we reach points in our lives when we feel trapped.

We feel as though we have gone as far as we can go but we still are not happy.

We want to go further, but we are just unsure about the direction we need to take.

As though we are spinning in circles and getting nowhere.

And then we hurt.

We feel the pains of fear, confusion and doubt that cast shadows over us and blind us to the possibility of seeing a clear future.

So we sit, and we wallow in our hurt.

And we don’t make any moves because we think that it is okay to settle because things just are not  “that bad.”

But we are still miserable in our hearts.

When we are in our beds at night, and there are no distractions to our thoughts, we think about all that we “shoulda, coulda, woulda” done but simply did not.

And we wonder about the “what ifs?”

You see, we cannot continue to live our lives like that. 

We have to find a way, to make a way, to discover the destination route to our dreams.

We need to create plans of actions that allow us to “work a dream to live a dream.”

To prepare us for all of the possibilities.

And to use our pain as a birthing process for our purpose.

And allow ourselves to become equipped and empowered to emancipate ourselves from the mental slavery of fear, confusion and doubt.

It’s hard. 

Really hard to figure out what you sometimes want out of situations, things and relationships.

But you just can’t give up.

And you just can’t give in.

You have to keep leaning on those triple shields of Grace, Faith and Mercy to know that tomorrow is just a day away, so you have to keep believing that your dreams can become your reality.

If you really want them to.

And if you don’t, believe that your shields will give you the strength to walk away.

Knowing that walking away doesn’t mean that you have given up.

It just means that you have made a choice.

To make a choice you have to make a change.

And you must first change the way you think before you can change the way you behave.

Allow yourself to change and allow yourself to move forward.

I know it’s tough, and sometimes we live in the fear of the unknown, spiral downward in confusion and deteriorate in doubt.  But that has to stop.


Commit to excellence for yourself and your dreams.

Know that your steps have already been ordered.

Know that there is a path for you to travel on that was created just for you.

And what’s for you, is only for you.

Break up your relationships with fear, confusion and doubt.

And deny any threats to your destiny.

Because you are already prepared to live in your purpose and prevail in prosperity.

It’s already in you, but you have to decide what you are going to do.

I get it.

I understand it.

I know it.

I live it.

But I also believe it.

You just gotta do what you gotta do.

After all, your dreams depend on it.


Lesson:  The only way to make a change is to make a change. Get Over It and start changing something, somewhere and somehow.



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