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January 19, 2016

I had an abortion.

Over my lifetime, several of them.


Yes, I terminated my pregnancies when I knew that I was going to give birth to negativity, doubt, self-hatred and a demolition of dreams.

When faced with the choices of giving life to these feelings or walking them to death’s door, I chose the latter.

I had abortions.

You see, terminating the life of negative toxins, negative people and negative situations in your life can only give you hope, strength, and self-empowerment.

It can provide new philosophical, ideological and spiritual stances that will propel you towards prosperity.

And allow you to move forward in your life to fulfill your dreams.

I am not sorry that I ended the pregnancies that could have caused me to destroy my  dreams, halt my hopes and stagnate my strength.

Sometimes we hold on to the things that hurt us the most because we are afraid to let them go, we are terrified of what our lives would be like without them, and we are scared of creating a future that does not include them.

So we impregnate ourselves with the thoughts that they are necessary and required.

And we remain pregnant with blessing blockers for a lifetime…Never allowing ourselves to give birth to our passion, our purpose, and our persistence.

We wallow in pity about the inability to fulfill our dreams.

And we waddle when we walk because we are weighted down with hurt and pain, so we are never able to walk upright with pride and perseverance.

At some point we all need abortions.

We all need to terminate any pregnancy that  inflicts heartache, perpetuates powerlessness, embraces disenfranchisement and destroys dreams.

We need clarity about which relationships work for us and which people are just toxic in our lives.

What are the venoms in our daily world that seek to poison us? Find them and get rid of them.

Deciding to have an abortion is not about thinking and feeling selfishly; It’s about living a productive and healthy life.

Protecting oneself.

Rebuilding oneself.

Recreating oneself.

Improving oneself.

Reclaiming oneself.

You see if we continue to impregnate ourselves with things that only serve as barriers to our mission, we will only give birth to more heartache and pain that are cloaked in blankets of shame and doubt.

We will never reach a level of positivity required for prosperity if we always bathe in our own dirt of despair and fail to lean on our shields of Grace, Faith, and Mercy.

We will always embrace elements that threaten our ability to empower ourselves because we are pregnant with hopelessness.

So I decided to have abortions.

And I really do not care what the “right-wing” has to say.

It’s my life, and I have the right to choose.

I chose to have many abortions to rid myself of heartache, pain, blockers, shame and doubt.

And I will choose to have many more if anything attempts to invade my body, my heart, and my soul.

I will terminate whatever threatens the core of my existence, limits my possibilities and does not serve as an anchor for my abilities.

And will have the courage to stand in the conviction of my choice.

So yes, I had an abortion, and I am okay with it because my life is fulfilled, enriched, and empowered and I am emancipated and liberated from the shackles of self-destruction in prisons of emotional hell.

Most of all, I am happy because I choose to be “pro-life.”

Lesson: Choose what you are going to be “pro-choice” about and do not be afraid to terminate any pregnancy that will only birth to negativity.






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