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December 3, 2015

Watching “The Wiz” reminds me of how many times we forget what we are born with…

A heart to love.

A brain to enable us to figure out how to follow our dreams.

A portion of courage that allows our Faith to be stronger than our fear.

You see, God has already made us equipped and empowered.

He has already prepared us to be prosperous and he has given us the power to persevere.

There are so many of us sleeping with our dreams at night but living with nightmares during the day.

We are allowing the quadruple demons of fear, confusion,  doubt and failure to block the paths to our happiness.

We get caught up in “I shoulda, coulda, woulda” and do not focus on “I am, I can, I will, I do.”

We allow those demons to paralyze our feelings of self-worth.

And we spend unnecessary time, energy and efforts in search of things that already exist within us.

Looking for strength and power in all of the wrong places…

You see, when you were born, God had already given you everything you needed to be happy…

You already have the heart to love.

You already have the brain to figure it all out.

And you already have the courage to push through any pain.

Know that if you rely on the triple shields of Grace, Faith, and Mercy you don’t have to exist in a living nightmare of unfulfilled dreams.

You can feel equipped and empowered that if you can “work a dream to live a dream.”

I really believe that sometimes we are more fearful ourselves than we are of anyone or anything else because we are scared of our own dreams.

We are afraid of our own destiny.

We are afraid to trust our own ambition.

And we don’t allow ourselves to learn.

Instead, we allow ourselves just to wallow in self-doubt.

We allow ourselves to remain afraid of our own selves and not make changes in our lives.

We don’t follow our dreams.

We don’t walk along the path that takes us to a promising future.

And we don’t follow the steps that God has ordered for us.

We just “get stuck” in stuff.

And that’s why people are in the same place this year that they promised they would not be in the last year.

No real changes.

No real movement.

Just because they get stuck.

Get out of your own way!

Start to plan.

Start to act.

Start to do.

Believe that you are all that God promised you to be because he has prepared you to be prosperous.

He gave you dreams, and he gave you the ability to fulfill those dreams, but it’s your responsibility to get it done.

He already gave you the heart, the brain and the courage to make the difference in your own life.

You just have to believe.

And know that your name isn’t “Dorothy,” and you don’t have to “Ease on Down the Road” in search of a non-existent “Oz” to make your dreams come true.

Instead, trust and believe in the powers that you were born with.

A heart. A brain and courage…

Dr. Adair


Click below to see Lena Horne singing “Believe in Yourself” in “The Wiz”

“Believe in Yourself” The Wiz



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