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December 3, 2015

Here’s What I Know:

If someone is in your life who pulls while you push, Let them go.

If someone is in your life who makes you feel bad just so they can feel good, Let them go.

If there is someone walking around in your world who puts salt in your sugar,

then you just don’t need them in your life.

Although you may not be able to choose who you love because it’s such a raw and natural emotion,  you do own the power to choose what you do with that love and who you allow to love you.

You see, our lives our full of good and bad relationships but at some point we need to discern between the two.

At some point we need clarity about which relationships work for us and which people are just toxic in our lives.

Who are these folks who poison us with their words and venomous actions?

And it’s not all about thinking and feeling selfishly…

It’s just about looking out for self.

Protecting oneself.

Rebuilding oneself.

Recreating oneself.

Improving oneself.

Reclaiming oneself.

You see if we remain caught up in a situation that breeds negativity we will only continue to give birth to hurt and pain that is cloaked in a blanket of shame and doubt.

We will never reach a level of positivity.

If we always bathe in our own dirt of despair and fail to lean on our shields of Faith for our support then we will always embrace a source of false Herculean strength.

And then we can only just hope that this will be enough to get us through.

But it won’t because it never did.

And it never will.

We have to be willing to just give it up to Get Over It, get through it and keep it moving.

If they can’t be there FOR you then are they really in your life WITH you?

If they cannot say “AMEN” after your prayers then were they even praying at all?

And if you have to question their purpose, integrity and commitment to your excellence do you really need them in your life?

Yes, we all need support to help us become who we dream of becoming, accomplish what we planned to do and claim the victories that belong to us. 

But we don’t have to allow ourselves to be psychologically, emotionally and spiritually assassinated to receive that support.

Let them go.

Give it up.

Get Over It!

Lesson: Sometimes we search too hard outside of our “circles” for the things that can hurt us but we must also remember that to  turn ourselves  “inside out” because we may find the real source of our pain already sharing the same space with us.

Dr. Adair



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