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November 18, 2015


Sometimes I forget that I really matter.

I get so caught up in doing everything for everyone that I don’t do for myself.

You see, I get caught up in that “Superwoman” syndrome and focus on the things that I need to do, the things that I failed to do and the things that have to be done next.

And then I fail to pay attention to me.

Is this you?

But you see, this is a problem because this means that we are not taking care of a child of God.

And that child is YOU.

We need to treat ourselves as we seek to treat others – with special care, dignity, and respect.

Pray for ourselves as we pray for ourselves.

Do for ourselves as we do for others.


Sometimes I feel like I am “Olivia Pope” because I try to “fix” everything.

And other moments I become “Claire Huxtable” providing stability and strength to all around me to turn obstacles in opportunities.

But even in these character modes I must remember that I am a child of God first and that he has entrusted me with myself to take care of me too.

Because my life matters.

I must remember that I need the sight of the blind man to really see the truth in my life.

I need the hearing of the deaf to listen to my heart.

And I need the strength of a paraplegic to walk consistently along the path that God has created just for me.

I should continue to lean on my triple shields of Grace, Faith, and Mercy to live my life through the eyes of Faith.

And not the eyes of fear.

I need to begin to see from the depth of my soul and understand that what I can see from the vision in my spirit and that will only make me better.


I should obey his orders to self-medicate myself with the power of his love because delayed obedience is really disobedience.


It is my job to take care of me.

I need to take care of this child of God.

I need to add my own name to my prayer list because I matter too.

And when I am “sick and tired,” allow myself to be “sick and tired.”

Because I deserve the rest.

I need to remind myself that no one can measure the strength of my soul unless they can do it from the depths of my stories untold.

And knowing that although my Faith is not absent of fear, I do not wallow in the mud patches of doubt.

Because I am the foot soldier emerging from the trenches.


Give myself permission to take care of me.

Allow myself to fix my own life.

And take care of this vessel that God has given me to do the work he has assigned.

No excuses for loving myself.

No excuses for liking myself.

No excuses for believing in my dreams.

No excuses for working for my dreams.

No excuses for just being who I am.

No excuses for living in my purpose.

No excuses for living in my passion.

No excuses for embracing that I am already equipped and empowered.

No excuses for knowing that I have already been prepared to be prosperous.

Because I am a child of God and,


Does your life matter too?


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