Sleeping with Dreams but Living with Nightmares…



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November 16, 2015

There are so many of us sleeping with our dreams at night but living with nightmares during the day…

We are allowing the quadruple demons of the fear, confusion, doubt and failure to block our paths to happiness.

We get caught up in “I shoulda, coulda, woulda” and fail to focus on “I am, I can, I will, I do.”

And we allow those negative demons to paralyze our feelings of self-worth.

But know that if you rely on the triple shields of Grace, Faith, and Mercy you don’t have to exist in a living nightmare of unfulfilled dreams.

You can feel equipped and empowered that you can “work a dream to live a dream.”

I really believe that sometimes we are more fearful ourselves than we are of anyone or anything else because we allow ourselves to hold us back.

We allow ourselves to wallow in self-doubt.

We enable ourselves to be okay with being to make changes in our lives.

We don’t follow the true dreams in our hearts.

We don’t walk along the path that guides us to promising futures.

And we don’t follow the steps that God has ordered for us.

You see, we just “get stuck” in stuff.

Never becoming unglued.

And that’s why people are in the same place this year that they promised they would not be in the last year.

No real changes.

No real movement.

Just because they get stuck.

Get out of your own way!

Start to plan.

Start to act.

Start to do.

And start to believe in your prayers.

Believe that you are all that God promised you to be because he has prepared you to be prosperous.

He gave you dreams, and he gave you the ability to fulfill those dreams, but it’s your responsibility to get it done.

Never limit your possibilities by disabling your abilities.

Trust and believe that the dream is yours to fulfill and the nightmare does not belong to you.

Each waking hour is an opportunity.

And each fleeting moment is a possibility.

You only have a few moments in time at the exact time, to get it right, on time.

So just do it.

Know that the dream belongs to you…

It is yours to keep, and you should not allow anyone or anything to stop you from trying to reach it.

Dreams never come with a warranty or guarantee so you can never expect that the dream you are living will last forever. When you are finished with one dream, be prepared to receive, accept and live the next one.
If you do, you will forever feel unfulfilled and will live a daily nightmare of a life in wonderment.

Live your passion.

Live your purpose.

And live in peace.

That’s the stuff good dreams are made of.

Lesson: Dreams are not just made for sleeping. Wake up and start fulfilling them!




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