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October 20, 2015

Sometimes changing the way you think is just so damn hard.
Your heart wants to, but your mind plays tricks on you and makes you believe that you can’t.

When you want to be “out” of love with someone because it’s “just time” and you feel like you love them longer, and harder you feel so weak.

And when you want to change that job because it just doesn’t meet your needs anymore you feel so scared of what the future may bring.

And changing the way you think about certain situations so you can maintain relationships and “peace” in your life seems like a daunting task.

So you second guess yourself.

You want to do the right thing, so you pray for guidance.
You want to feel the right thing, so you pray for inspiration.
But yet, it is just so damn hard.

See changing the way we think requires a shift in our ideological, philosophical, spiritual and emotional paradigms.

Ideological, philosophical, spiritual and emotional paralysis can have the worst impact than physical paralysis.

If you don’t feel anything in your heart, and your soul and you don’t use your brain, then you have paralyzed your ability to live a happy life…You can live a fulfilled life with a physical paralysis, but I’m not convinced that you can do it if you are living with a spiritual paralysis.

It demands that we acknowledge our greatest strengths may also be our greatest weaknesses.
And it requires our resiliency in the raw.
We have to reject failure as an option.
And embrace success as the only solution.

We need to want the mindset change so badly that we are willing to change our lifestyle and our “life-beings” because of it.
We have to remove the layers of fear, anguish, despair, doubt, shame and “fakeness” to begin to change our minds to live healthier lifestyles.

This is all the stuff our change gets caught up in.

Remember that just like that bucket of water that can be eventually filled with one drop at a time, your mindset can shift with one thought at a time…
Healthy minds lead to healthy behavior which takes us down the path to a healthy life.

Is it hard?

Uhhh, YES!

It is easier to live in that comfortable misery than to be uncomfortable in a new reality, so we settle to remain in the mindset that we’ve always had.

We are so afraid…we have that fear of the unknown and that “drama-free” zone that we don’t allow ourselves to grow and become what we are destined to be.

But dreams don’t come with a warranty or guarantee, so we need to change our thought process to achieve them.

There is no “master” plan to change our minds …

We simply begin by recognizing that the change has to begin from within…

But the change can hurt so bad that we just don’t want to do it even though we already know that we own the power of change so we must exercise that power and begin with ourselves…

If you change the way you think, you will change the way you behave…
If you change the way you behave, then you will change the way you live…

And I know it takes courage…but I also know that we are all born with courage but it’s when we use it at the right time that makes us courageous.

Changing our minds is the first step in that process…

Lesson: Just like you can fill a bucket one drop at a time you can make changes in your life one step at a time…


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