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July 24, 2015

The inspirational messages on my blog are designed to empower you to make choices that will lead you towards emotional prosperity because you deserve to be happy. The B.E.L.I.E.V.E. system that I created teaches you how to begin to “Get Over It” and steps to incorporate into your daily life and be able to think about your life in a different way. My primary intent is to provide a message that will inspire and empower your thought process and help you to begin to change your behavior patterns. Remember, “Although you may not be where you want to be, you don’t have to be where you used to be either” because your actions make a difference.

I created the B.E.L.I.E.V.E. system as a follow-up to my G.O. H.A.R.D. formula that I presented in my first books because after working with and speaking with many others I honestly think that this is a crucial missing piece of the puzzle of happiness in all of our lives. Here are the main elements of the system as well as an overview of a couple of the components:

BELIEVE sytem visual

Victory and Victorious

 Joel Osteen once said that you should proclaim “I am a Victor and not a Victim so I can be Victorious!”

Oh, how right he is….he teaches about being a palm tree….that when the hurricanes come blowing in your direction you bend, but you are not broken because you are able to bounce back. You are not like oak trees where you snap, break and come crashing down…You are built to bend, and that’s why you are able to handle so much on in your life.

Please understand this, and embrace that when the next storm blows in your direction you will waste valuable time focusing on the fear of being broken and being a victim, instead of creating action plans to become victorious. Know that you are built to bend and that at the end of the day everything will be alright.

Don’t let your fear paralyze your Faith so that you don’t want to take chances because you are afraid you will be broken…Know that you can be damaged, but you are never destroyed…This is what Victory is all about, and it should shape your everyday philosophy. You have to believe that you can live victoriously, and that although life can be tough and sometimes challenging to deal with, you can be confident that you can weather any storm —You will still be standing after any hurricane winds have blown in your direction.

I believe that if you continuously lean on the triplet shields of grace, faith, mercy and humility you will know that you will ultimately be victorious in any situation. It is all dependent upon your mindset and your approach to the situation. You see, I choose to take control of those things in my life that I can, and for those that I cannot, I choose to believe that I still have a voice.

I cannot allow myself to be mentally enslaved to negativity or become a provocative victim where I entice hardship and struggle to come my way. Instead, I serve as my own advocate, build my artillery, and lean on those shields that I’ve been describing in this book. Once I am assured that these things are in place then I already know, at the end of the challenge, I will be victorious because is it a mindset, an attitude and an approach and I have the Victor mentality to ensure that everything will be alright because I am exactly where I am supposed to be in this life. You can do this too…you just have to trust and believe.


Creating life lesson plans that help shape our lives helps us to realize what we need to do in order get what we want. We also learn that if things do not fit the scheme we have created, we must end it. I like to compare it to a teacher creating lesson plans for the students. Typically there are specific behavioral objectives/goals presented and then the teacher designs activities to reach those goals. The teacher attempts to adhere to the activities because all of them serve a purpose, and the teacher knows that if it does not serve a purpose, then they do not need it. Hmmmm…

What if we applied this same philosophy to things and people in our lives? What if we created strategies and activities that were specifically aligned with our goals? What if we diminished those factors that prohibited us from reaching our dreams?

Hmmmm….To accomplish this, you have to learn how to release those things that do not serve a purpose. You have to learn how to END the relationships and situations that are not aligned with your dreams. Using the main tenets of my BELIEVE system helps you to determine what needs to be ended in your life so you can achieve your happiness regardless of whatever you have been through in your life.

 Learning how to end the things that cause you pain.

Learning how to end the things that are not good for you.

Learning how to figure out what is good for you.

Learning how to determine what you don’t need and what doesn’t work for you.

Learning how to end the toxic relationships in your life.

Learning how to end the toxic feelings you have inside of you.

Learning how to end things that you should have never started.

Learning how to BEGIN with the END in mind.

This is just the beginning of the transformation of your thought process. It is life transforming, and it requires a paradigm shift in the way you have been approaching your life. It requires you to take a look at the life that you are leading and how you are leading it….It demands that you no longer put Band-Aids on gunshot wounds and instead, learn how to do the surgery so you can live an enriched and fulfilled life despite your past heartache and pain. Following the seven steps of the BELIEVE system can help you accomplish this.

I also hope that you find strength in the words that I share with you in this blog and they help lead you to your destiny of happiness. I know you can get there, and I know you can do this because you are a warrior and a survivor. You have to tools you need to live in your purpose and to embrace your gifts…I believe in YOU and I know that you can Get Over It! You just have to BELIEVE.

With Love,

Dr. Adair

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