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June 30, 2015


The Resilient Woman

The Resilient Woman never allows the trials and tribulations of today weigh her down because she knows that tomorrow is just a day away. She understands that despite and in spite of anything that happens today, tomorrow is just one day away.

The Resilient Woman knows to not just consult with her family about important decisions because she knows that God has already ordered her steps, and he has all of the answers that she needs.

The Resilient Woman knows that you must always work a dream to live a dream, and when one dream is finished, you immediately start working on the next one. No dream is ever deferred.

The Resilient Woman knows that you must love from both your heart and your mind because a double vision is needed to coherently feel.

And she understands that in some situations you just have to “walk away.” But just because you walk away does not mean you have “given up.” It only means that you made a choice.

This Resilient Woman recognizes that the word “NO” is a complete sentence…It does not need “because or and” to justify it.

You see the Resilient Woman is actually that foot soldier emerging from the trenches who is ready to do battle and become a warrior in life. She also knows that her Faith is stronger than her pain and that her mistakes do not define her…They are simply starting points towards change. She is never sorry for WHO she is but at times may be sorry for WHAT she may have done. She is not afraid to love and to be loved but she also knows that some people love you the best way they know how but you own the power to determine if you are going to accept that kind of love.

The life of the Resilient Woman is one that may include heartache and pain, and she understands that. But, she also knows that despite and in spite of wherever it is that she has come from and whatever it is that she has gone through, that she can Get Over It! She can bounce back after hitting rock-bottom, and she can climb mountains in sandals while using her bootstraps of Faith to pull her out of any valley of despair.

She doesn’t need a superwoman cape either because she flies on the wings of hope. She knows that when she’s not moving, she’s floating because she always has somewhere to go and something to do.

Knowing how and when to forgive herself and knowing when and how to forgive others is also characteristic of the Resilient Woman. She knows that “holding on” and “holding it in” is just like putting a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound—It will never heal. It will only fester and infect the remainder of her body and soul. So she doesn’t do it.

The resilient woman knows that for each new beginning there is always an end, so she knows when to “Let Go and Let God.” She is able to push through the pain when she does this.

Oh yes, the Resilient Woman is so many things to so many people, but most of all she is always true to herself. She knows that God has determined who she needs to be, and so she travels along the path that he is created for her as she fulfills her dreams. She is living in her purpose, manifesting her destiny, empowering her life and consistently releasing negative toxins from around her, so she only allows positive energy in her world.

Yes, the Resilient Woman may be seen as an omnipotent woman but the reality is it’s just she is living her life as God had planned it. She leans on her shields of Grace, Faith, Humility and Mercy for her strength and perseverance and knows that she never walks alone with God by her side…

I am that Resilient Woman!

Are YOU?

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