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June 27, 2015

People often ask me “How are you so strong?”  What is it that you do that helps you to “Get Over It?”Hmmmm….

I think for me, that it is just my mindset and of course, my Faith.  In this blog, I will just share with you a few of my other “tricks” that I try to do and live by to make a positive difference in my life.

You have to exercise your mind effectively because your brain power always serves as the impetus to move toward change.  I believe that there are basically twelve “tricks” to learning how to “Get Over It!” and how to think positive, live positive and make positive choices…

    1. When something is itching, scratch it. If you don’t, it will keep itching. Don’t ignore the things that cause you pain. If you it will continue hurting even if you mask the pain.
    2. Don’t just buy things just because they “look good.” Make sure they are good for you. Remember that everything that looks good on the surface doesn’t necessarily look good in your life. Always imagine yourself and your life in a situation before you just jump into it because it “looks good.”
    3. Just because you can’t sing doesn’t mean that you should only hum. You may not be the next Beyoncé or Usher but never deny yourself the opportunity to enjoy things! You can enjoy doing something without having an ulterior motive.
    4. Remember that a bucket can be filled one drop at a so you don’t have to fill it in one shot. You can reach your own ladder of success by climbing one rung at a timeyou don’t have to race to the top just to get there. And remember that the small things eventually build up to the bigger things in life.
    5. Dreams don’t come with a warranty or a guarantee. It’s your job to ensure that they are never broken.
    6. One man’s junk may be another man’s treasure, but you don’t have to accept it. Never accept anything secondhand unless you want to because you are not a secondhand person. But if you decide you want to accept it then make sure it is worthy of you
    7. Know the difference between courage and courageous. We are all born with  courage, but it’s when we use it at the right time that makes us “courageous.”
    8. Spiritual, emotional and mental paralysis can have a worst impact than physical paralysis. If you don’t feel anything in your heart, your soul and you don’t use your brain, then you have paralyzed your ability to live a worthwhile life. At least with physical paralysis you can still live a fulfilling life…I’m not convinced that you can do so if you are living with spiritual, emotional and mental paralysis.


  • You own the power of change. So change it.
  • Life isn’t fair. But so what? What are you going to do about it?
  • Bringing volume to your silenced voice doesn’t mean you have to shout! Instead, it means you may have to adjust the sound on someone else’s speakers.
  • Don’t leave without your bag. Make sure that after the end of every relationship you fill your bag with knowledge and lessons so that you can grow from the experience. Your bag should be filled with what you need to learn and grow from the relationship…the

good, the bad and the ugly.



These “tricks” are at the core of who I really am and what I really do live in my purpose and fulfill my dreams everyday….The foundation of my happiness.  I hope they are helpful for you too!

With Love,
Dr. Adair


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