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November 18, 2016

“Do It Afraid”


I think that Fear is the number one emotion that holds us back from reaching our fullest potential, pursuing our passion and persevering in our purpose.  When we are afraid, we often are paralyzed in our movement and do not allow ourselves to follow the path that God has created just for us.


We all are afraid at some point in our lives but it doesn’t make us special; it just makes us afraid.

We have a fear of the unknown.

A fear of things known.

A fear of love.

A fear of “too much like.”

A fear of failure.

A fear of success.

A fear of joy.

A fear of pain.

A fear of today and a fear of tomorrow.

For some of us we live a life in fear daily and we do not allow ourselves to push through the struggle and become significant in our dreams.

It happens to the best of us.

And it can happen when we least expect it.

Yesterday was a tough day for me because for several hours I allowed my fear to be stronger than my Faith and I questioned the plans that God had for me.  I had a medical issue due to my Lupus, and it required minor surgery that felt major because the doctors had to cut into my body and place a port and tube so that I could receive my monthly drug infusions.  In my mind, the fact that I had to receive general anesthesia was a scary notion because I was afraid that once I went “to sleep” I would not “wake up” again.  So I convinced myself that it was okay to be afraid at that moment because of the fear of the unknown.

I was afraid that I was also forgetful because I had forgotten that God had already equipped and empowered me with courage and Faith. He had already planted the fertile seeds of perseverance and positivity within me as my shields of strength.  And he had already prepared my purpose and plan for my future.  So no matter what I may have felt as I slipped into a state of unconsciousness my steps had already been ordered.


When I awakened, I was still a bit dazed and confused but what I did know was that I was alive and that “I was here.”  It was then that I was reminded that it’s okay to be afraid,  but it’s also okay to have Faith and know that everything will be alright.

It’s almost paradoxical to be afraid and to be “alright” at the same time, but it can happen.  You can feel your “natural fear, ” but if you remember to lean on your triple shields of Grace, Faith, and Mercy, you will know that your apprehensive feelings will subside but you will have to  “Do It Afraid.” You know that although you may be bent at the moment, you are not broken.  You remember that you may feel damaged at the time, but you are not destroyed.  You know that the trials and tribulations that you are experiencing today will be your truth and your triumph tomorrow.  And you absolutely believe that although you may think you are a victim, in the end, you will be victorious.

You think this because if you believe in the power of prayer and the lessons of God’s leadership will know that it is okay to “Do it Afraid.”  You will know that he will always have your back and provide the strength and sustenance you need to get through it all.

I know we forget this quite a bit, and we allow the fear to live in the forefront of our hearts and minds, but we have to do better with this.  We have to “Let go and let God, ” and then you will feel his arms around you to lead and guide you. This is what I had to do yesterday…The last thing I remember before drifting off into “la-la” land was saying “Jesus Take the Wheel.”  That was it.  “Jesus Take the Wheel.”

And he did.

I trusted, and I believed.

And I did it afraid.

You try it now…

Lesson:  Sometimes we get so scared that we forget who holds power in our lives.  We stagnate our growth and limit our possibilities because we are fearful of the outcome.  Begin to trust and believe that your steps have already been ordered and you will begin to allow your Faith to be stronger than your Fear. Knowing this will give you the permission you need to follow your passion, your ideas and your dreams.  Just “Do it Afraid.”

With Love,

Dr. Adair