When I got my butt kicked…



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July 31, 2016

I remember the first time I got my butt kicked in the 6th grade…

The girl said she would “smack the crap out of me” if I didn’t do something I didn’t want to and I told her “well, do it!”

And she did.

But each time she hit me to the floor I got right back up again swinging at her…

It was definitely a lopsided fight since she was at least 4 inches taller than I was and weighed a lot more than I did.

And, she probably was just a better fighter than I was.

But all of that didn’t stop me…I kept coming at her and each time she pushed me down even harder…As I pushed her hard, she pushed me back harder…

I remember crying out of anger and frustration but also because I couldn’t figure out how to win this fight…

This reminds me so much of this fight called LIFE that we are in and how there are times that we feel we can never win in it.

Reflecting back on that time I learned a lot about myself since then…

I know that I was a “fighter” back then, and I just like to call myself “resilient” today.

I learned that the more you push me down will be the stronger that I am when I get back up again.

You may knock me down, but I rely on my spirit to pull me back up.

You may be able to damage me, but you can never destroy me.

I know that I am not afraid of the size of the perpetrator, the words they spit at me and the strength of their weapons because I use my faith as my own weapon of mass destruction.

You see, there are times in our lives that we need to get our butts kicked so that we can find the strength that we need to make positive and realistic changes in our lives.

But at no time should we lose our faith…We need to hold on to the thought that tomorrow brings a better day…

Because God orders our steps and builds the path that we shall trod upon.

And know that any wounds we receive will serve as our scars of hard labor towards happiness.

I realize that there were other times in my life when I did get my butt kicked again…

Not physically but emotionally and psychologically.

There have been times when I thought I should retreat into my corner and just give it up…I just didn’t want to be a part of this thing called “LIFE” because it hurt so bad.

And no one could understand.

But as much as I tried I just couldn’t just “give in” without standing up for the fight.

I couldn’t.

I wouldn’t.

So I didn’t.

I empowered my emotional stability. Strengthened spirituality and prepared my soul for the battles that lay ahead.

Tough times.

And there were still those times when I just had to “walk away” because the fight just wasn’t worth it…

But when I did stay for the battle I knew that my heart and soul were right along with me powered by the strength of my faith.

So yes, I got my butt kicked way back then, and there are still days that I feel I’m still getting it kicked, but now I understand…I get it.

I’m supposed to use the resiliency that God bestowed upon me to make the difference in my life and to assist me in my struggle for significance.

Even if it means fighting for it.

Even if it means getting my butt kicked over and over again because of it.

I know that the some of the battles I win may never make it on someone else’s scoreboard, but they will make it on my scoreboard of resiliency in this battle called “LIFE.”

Lesson:  Pick and choose your battles but know that sometimes you are going to get your butt kicked…This is not the time to give up or give in, but instead, lean on your triple shields of Grace, Faith, Mercy and know that God always has your back in any fight…