“I’m a THIEF!”



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April 27, 2016

Sometimes the only thief in our lives is ourselves.
We steal our own joy by poisoning it with negative thoughts.
We steal our own happiness by denying our dreams the opportunity to flourish.
We steal our ability to love others unconditionally by smothering it with past heartache and pain.
And we steal our own Faith by not trusting and believing that God orders our steps and has already created our master plans.I’ve robbed myself many times in my life when I just didn’t trust my instincts.
So I never followed through on some ideas.


One of those thoughts could have been “the one” that made all of my dreams come true.
But I stole it from myself by never allowing myself to receive it, plan it, and then put it into action.

I stole many precious moments in my relationships with my family and friends by not allowing them “in” to help me when I hurt badly and really needed them…

When I needed encouragement and inspiration to get over something.

When I was intent on being “Superwoman” during the time when I needed “SuperLove…”

So I stole emotional bonding with people who love me and wanted to “be there” for me…

And I robbed myself of the chance to stop being an enabler and taking the responsibility for the actions of others when I was, unfortunately, violated by a man I trusted, and then I blamed myself.
I made excuses for him, and I questioned my own actions and focused on what I could have done differently.
But I never told my story until decades later when it felt “safe” and I truly understood that it wasn’t my fault.

So I robbed myself of living a life knowing that there are some things in life that happen to you that just aren’t your fault, but you still have to learn and heal from them so you can move forward.

And, you don’t have to make excuses for people who hurt you.
I was a thief who stole opportunities to learn more.
To do more.
To be more.
To live more.
I thought I knew it all so I didn’t and wouldn’t listen to the advice of others, so I stole the power of knowledge from myself and didn’t allow myself to learn.

I crept into my own head on many nights, stole my confidence and convinced myself that the time wasn’t right for me to try new things, explore other options or dare to dream.
Because of this, I limited my possibilities, confused my purpose and challenged my destiny.

Sometimes with a negative attitude I’ve even tried to steal the smiles off the faces of unsuspecting individuals through my callous actions and by injecting the sarcasm into my words.
By doing this, I stole the gift of treating others the way I want/should be treated.

I’ve stolen memories from myself because I just didn’t want to think about “stuff” that hurt anymore. But when I did this I also erased many good thoughts and amazing experiences that were highlights of my life…

Just because I was afraid of some of those memories and how they made me feel…

And because I sometimes have the insatiable appetite to control the world around me so I can be “happy,” I steal the chance to hear the thoughts of others, to experience creative differences, celebrate individual concepts and embrace dynamic ideas.

So yes, I admit it…I am a thief.
I’ve stolen too much from myself throughout my lifetime.
I’m guilty.
But now I’m ready to turn myself in.
Ready to “do my time.”
I’m okay with being tried and convicted so that I can be sentenced to a lifetime of happiness.

You see all those things that I stole?
I don’t need them in my life…Those things are toxins that only serve the purpose of poisoning my heart, mind, body and soul…

I’d rather be in a prison locked away with the things that will empower and motivate me…
Lock me away with my spirit of positivity and my faith in God.
Being able to lean on my shields of Grace, Faith, and Mercy…

Yes…I’ll take the lifetime sentence like this.
I deserve it because this punishment really does fit the crime.
I need it so I can know better to do better.
And I’m guilty as charged.
So, I’m a THIEF.

What have you stolen lately?

Lesson: Sometimes we accuse the wrong people of stealing from us, but if we look into the mirror we may find the biggest thief of them all.  Are you a thief???  Are you guilty as charged?

With Love,
Dr. Adair