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April 4, 2016


There have been some things in my life that I probably should have just walked away from.

Certain situations, certain people, and certain things.
But I made that conscientious decision to stay.

Stay to fight for it.
Stay to believe in it.
Stay to trust in it.
And stay because I just felt “I needed to.”

I really didn’t look at it as right or wrong…
It “was what it was,” and I did what I had to do.
I did what I knew best and when I knew better, I did better.

That’s the power of resiliency.

We lean on our shields of Hope to help us get through tough times.
And we rely on our hearts to guide us in the right direction.

But what about our Faith?

At what point are do we open the windows to our souls to allow Faith to breeze into our lives?

When do we give credit to the sweet spirit of God performing his miracles in our lives?

For understanding that it was God’s will the entire time that permitted us to stay in situations, things and with some people that everyone else thought we should have given up on?

Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying that it was God’s grace that authorized abuse in your life or the Devil’s work on your daily existence.

But it has been through the steps that he has ordered for you that you found the audacity of hope, dreams and the tenacity cloaked by the courage to keep fighting for what you believed in.

Sometimes it’s God’s whisper that has the loudest voice around us, and we must be still to hear it.

We must silence all anguish, doubt, fear, shame, confusion, sadness, frustration, denial, despair and negative attitudes to hearing the voice of God speaking directly to us.

Silence people and things around you and you will feel God’s direct message to you.

So when I tell you that I stood firm in certain situations, things and with certain people I am saying this because I heard my God’s words speaking to me.

I felt his presence in my decisions because I consulted him.
I asked for his guidance and asked for him to wrap his arms around me and hold me tight as I made difficult choices in my life.
To nourish my starving and confused heart and mind with the nutrients of obedience, self-love, and self-empowerment so I could believe in my choices and know that failure has never been an option in my life.

And were my decisions always right?


I am a happy, healthy and spirit-filled woman right now, today, at this very moment so I would say YES!

Were my decisions “easy” to live with just because I had God on my side?

But it was easier to live with myself knowing I made my choice with God on my side.

You see, it’s all about Faith for me.

All about remembering that if Faith “the size of a mustard seed “can move a big ol’ mountain then it would have no problem moving me too.

I trust.
I believe.

And know that at the end of the day when it is only me lying in the bed with my own thoughts that I know I have to love me and live the rest of my life with any decisions that I’ve made…
And I don’t have to explain that to anyone.
And I don’t owe anyone an apology for it.

But I can do it because the windows to my soul are always open, and the breezes of God and Faith are always blowing in my direction.

And, it feels good.
Damn good.

Are the windows to your soul open?

LESSON: Breezes are always blowing…whether you open your windows or not. Choose to leave them open… “Fresh” air can be soooo good for you.

With Love,
Dr. Adair