You just never know…

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I was feeling a bit nostalgic last week when I found an old college ID in a drawer while searching for AAA batteries…It made me think back in time when I was full of dreams and praying for endless opportunities that would help make those dreams come true. I started thinking about how we […]

I had an abortion…

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I had an abortion.

Over my lifetime, several of them.


Yes, I terminated my pregnancies when I knew that I was going to give birth to negativity, doubt, self-hatred and a demolition of dreams.

When faced with the choices of giving life to these feelings or walking them to death’s door, I chose the latter.

I had abortions.

You see, […]

“Get Over Yourself!”

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As we begin this New Year with lots of hopes, promises and some resolutions at the forefront of our minds, I thought that this edited excerpt from my #1 National Bestseller, “Get Over It! How to Bounce Back after Hitting Rock Bottom,” was very appropriate to share as my first blog post of 2016.

G= Getting Over Yourself

We […]

Feeling a bit “Unpretty” today?

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Sometimes we just feel  “Unpretty” and we cannot explain it.

It is just a moment in time that we can actually say “I woke up like this!”

And I am not even talking about the way we look physically.

I am not talking about having a “bad hair” day, or about our jeans fitting too tight on that […]

Did you see “The Wiz” last night? Hmmmm….

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Watching “The Wiz” reminds me of how many times we forget what we are born with…

A heart to love.

A brain to enable us to figure out how to follow our dreams.

A portion of courage that allows our Faith to be stronger than our fear.

You see, God has already made us equipped and empowered.

He has already prepared us […]

Sleeping with Dreams but Living with Nightmares…

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There are so many of us sleeping with our dreams at night but living with nightmares during the day…

We are allowing the quadruple demons of the fear, confusion, doubt and failure to block our paths to happiness.

We get caught up in “I shoulda, coulda, woulda” and fail to focus on “I am, I can, I […]