Are you settling?

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So tell me, what have you been “settling” for in your life?

Is it your job?

Your career?


A relationship?

Your dreams?


We are all guilty of “settling” at some point in our lives and I think we actually settle for something every day.

The questions become “What is it?” and “How long will we settle?”

I don’t have the answer, but […]

I Am Not Ashamed!

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There have been some things in my life that I probably should have just walked away from.

Certain situations, certain people, and certain things.
But I made that conscientious decision to stay.

Stay to fight for it.
Stay to believe in it.
Stay to trust in it.
And stay because I just felt “I needed to.”

I really […]

You are a Liar, a Cheat and a Thief!

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You are a Liar, a Cheat, and a Thief!

Yes, you are.


You are a Liar because you tell yourself that you are going to work hard to accomplish your next dream, and you don’t. You convince yourself that you don’t have enough time to get it done.

And that you don’t understand the necessary things you need […]

What Happened When I Got My Hair Washed…

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This morning I decided at the last minute that I wanted to get my hair “done.” I wanted it to be shampooed and styled by a professional because they do such a better job than I can.

Knowing that my “regular” stylist would be unavailable at the last minute, I decided to go to my “backup” […]

My “Mama” Moment…

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The other morning I awakened with a few thoughts on my mind so I decided to write about them.  I posted my thoughts on Facebook and the response was phenomenal and unexpected.  I received so many “likes/loves” as well as inbox/text/email messages from so many people.


Sooooo, I decided to share what I wrote with you and then […]

You just never know…

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I was feeling a bit nostalgic last week when I found an old college ID in a drawer while searching for AAA batteries…It made me think back in time when I was full of dreams and praying for endless opportunities that would help make those dreams come true. I started thinking about how we […]

I had an abortion…

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I had an abortion.

Over my lifetime, several of them.


Yes, I terminated my pregnancies when I knew that I was going to give birth to negativity, doubt, self-hatred and a demolition of dreams.

When faced with the choices of giving life to these feelings or walking them to death’s door, I chose the latter.

I had abortions.

You see, […]