Get Over It! Stories of Release, Resilience, Redemption, and Resurrection

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This book shares inspirational biographical stories of 16 individuals who have “been through stuff” in their lives but have been able to successfully “bounce back after hitting rock bottom.” Through their stories the authors teach others how to become more resilient, more hopeful, more graceful, more merciful, more diligent, more trustworthy, and more comfortable with their “true” selves. The authors in this anthology share life experiences have enabled them to continuously follow their dreams and their personal stories encourage self-reflection, empowerment and will motivate readers to move toward positive changes in their lives. Each story is unique, and each message was exceptionally created to inspire readers to embrace that they own the power of change. The authors in this book share their wisdom of life experience and how they cultivated their hopes and dreams. The stories reflect “Release, Resilience, Redemption and Resurrection” and serve as an inspiration to others.

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