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Multiple Bestselling Author, Publisher, Speaker and “Empower-ologist,” Dr. Adair f. White-johnson (affectionately known as “Dr. Adair”) is a leading authority on motivating, inspiring and empowering women and teens to move towards positive change, become resilient and to "bounce back after hitting rock bottom." As the author of “White Girl Speaks! Powerful Words of Inspiration for Leadership and Success in your Life,” "How to Get Over It! in 30 Days Parts I II and III,” “Get Over It! How to Bounce Back After Hitting Rock Bottom” and “Get Over It! How to Bounce Back After Hitting Rock Bottom for Teens,” Dr. Adair focuses on teaching women and how become empowered, resilient and ready to positively move forward in their lives. Dr. Adair has been married for twenty-six years, is the proud mother of five children and loves watching soap operas. Her life mantra is “I am. I can. I will. I do.” and she seeks to share this positive outlook on every person she meets.
I will empower you to "Work a Dream to Live a Dream!"

5 Lessons Learned from “Girls Trip!”

By |2019-01-19T08:32:48+00:00July 25th, 2017|Blog|

This past weekend, millions of girlfriends flocked to the movie theaters to see the blockbuster film “Girls Trip.”  It was a much-anticipated movie that chronicled the lives of four black women who had been friends for years and in many ways, it was a symbolization of another element of “Black Girl Magic.”  We are mystical […]

What’s on the other side of the door?

By |2017-06-21T12:15:28+00:00June 21st, 2017|Blog|

Sometimes God places a door in front of you without instructions.
You don’t know if you should “push or pull” the handle to walk through or if you should just stay on the other side.
Sometimes the door is made of glass so you can actually see what may happen on the other side.
But you’re still afraid […]

Stop Apologizing and Start Fighting!

By |2017-02-13T18:42:20+00:00February 10th, 2017|Blog|

Stop apologizing and start fighting for what you want.

Stop making excuses for why you don’t have what you think you should have, or you are doing what you dreamed of doing…

Stop making excuses and start making adjustments.

You know that it’s like “mind over matter…”

As much as you mind will be as much as it matters.

If […]

All that you need is already there…

By |2019-01-19T08:32:48+00:00January 23rd, 2017|Blog|

Sometimes we look too hard to “find ourselves” when we were never really lost in the first place.

We search for our inner beings,
Our thoughts.
Our voices…
And our feelings.

But all the while they haven’t really been anywhere at all.

They’ve just been tucked under layers of doubt, confusion, hurt, disappointment, bewilderment, disillusion, anger, dissatisfaction.

And we think we can […]

Get Over It! How to start making changes in the New Year!

By |2017-01-20T06:51:03+00:00November 29th, 2016|Blog|

I was blessed and fortunate enough to participate in an amazing interview that was published here.   ihearthatgirl.com is a premier website for black women and seeks to empower, inspire, educate and motivate readers to make positive changes in their lives…

Check out my in-depth interview here:  http://www.ihearthatgirl.com/get-over-it/

Let me know what you think!

With Love,

Dr. Adair


“The Shift is REAL” Preparing for the New Year (yes, already!)

By |2019-01-19T08:32:48+00:00November 23rd, 2016|Blog|

“The Shift is REAL” Preparing for the New Year (yes, already!)

Well, the holiday season is upon us, and for most of us, it will be filled with an array of emotions.  For some of us, it will simply be a joyous occasion filled with love, laughter family, and friends. For others, it will be a […]